About us

Bridging Cultures And Uniting The Turkish–American Community In Dayton Ohio

TASO Dayton is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the social and cultural needs of the Turkish-American community living in Ohio. With a focus on bringing people together and promoting understanding and appreciation of Turkish culture, TASO Dayton offers a range of programs and services that support the community and encourage cross-cultural exchange. From cultural events and educational programs to networking opportunities and support for newcomers, TASO Dayton is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

At TASO Dayton, we believe that cultural exchange and understanding are essential for building a more peaceful and harmonious world. Whether you’re a member of the Turkish-American community, or simply interested in learning more about this vibrant and rich culture, we welcome you to join us. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a commitment to serving the community, TASO Dayton is the place where people come together to celebrate, learn, and grow. So come and experience the hospitality and friendship of TASO Dayton today!


What we do?

  1. Cultural events and activities that showcase Turkish culture and heritage

  2. Social events and gatherings for members of the Turkish-American community

  3. Educational programs and classes to teach about Turkish culture and language

  4. Networking opportunities for Turkish-American business owners and professionals

  5. Support and resources for newcomers to the US, including help with adapting to life in a new country

  6. Advocacy and representation for the Turkish-American community on local, state, and national levels

  7. Collaboration and partnerships with other cultural organizations and community groups

  8. Community service projects (recycling) and volunteer opportunities to give back to the local community.